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Anil Benedict

Anil is a senior journalist with an extremely varied background. He brings experience as newspaper reporter with Malaysian National Print Titles including The Star. Most recently  Anil was Senior copy-writer with Intelligence Business Network (IBN) a corporate training company. Anil has a broad range of journalistic experience covering areas including business, local news and finance. Anil's particular skill is breaking down complex subjects into clear easy to understand copy. In addition to his background in journalism and copy-writing Anil has worked in everything from telemarketing to corporate sales, medical rep, restauranteur and even flying the skies as a cabin crew. He has also run and managed a number of start-up businesses including an internet cafe, a medical supplies company and a restaurant.

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APU Data Science Week Hackathon

    The Asia Pacific University Hackathon event, supported by MDEC, was a great success that brought to conclusion the APU Data Scienc ...
September 15, 2016 // //
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Malaysia joins the world in Festival of Data

It has been a great week for Big Data on Malaysian soil as a host city for Big Data Week 2016 – the Global Festival of Data. MDEC, which is the mai ...
September 15, 2016 // //
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Delays A Thing of The Past For Air Travel With AI And Big Data Analytics

Boeing and Microsoft have partnered in the hope of eradicating delays currently plaguing the aviation industry. The transition will ensure adaptive, i ...
August 1, 2016 // //
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The World Delivered

While heading out of the drive-way to get groceries, a probable thought going through your mind could be, ‘When will someone do my groceries for me?’. ...
July 29, 2016 // //
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What If People Profiling Goes Wrong

When someone says “You’re being profiled”, it either means you’re at a job interview or your job is spying. That has changed over recent years. Now ...
June 16, 2016 // //
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Microsoft’s Largest Acquisition – LinkedIn

The worlds largest database of professionals numbering upwards of 400 million users has just been bought over by Microsoft Corp. The buy over of Li ...
June 14, 2016 // //
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Hackers Unite for a Better World

AngelHack, together with MDEC, recently organised a hackathon in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. It was held at Berjaya Times Square and ran for 2 days, ki ...
June 7, 2016 // //
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Wearables Internet of Things

One area of particular interest in Wearable Technology, if you aren’t already on the band-wagon, is in monitoring systems for assisted living. We can ...
May 30, 2016 // //
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