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Niall Wynne

Niall is an analytics manager working on building analytical department capabilities from mainly open source data and free or near free analytical software for SME’s. Though he comes from a science background he has several years work complete in multiple big data environments. Niall has worked as a consultant with all industry types from financial to Olympic sports teams. He has previously specialised in visual analytics software, giving day seminars and teaching courses to leading UK and Ireland companies, but considers himself a big data all-rounder. He holds a MSc. in Applied Maths/Physics, Honours BSc. in Experimental Physics, diploma in Business Data and certificates in computing and teaching. His goal is to demystify the world of big data for the SME and guide them through a structured and simple analytical process.

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Admitting the truth about the social media echo chamber

Anyone that thinks the phenomenon of the ‘social media’ echo chamber as a new trouble child of the digital revolution needs to open their eyes to what ...
February 7, 2017 // //
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Let’s stop calling AI intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence has captured the imagination of science fiction writers since Frankenstein’s monster woke up confused and lonely, and more rec ...
January 19, 2017 // //
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The constrained visions of analytics

Let’s suspend reality and take the following scenario to start us off. The star ship Enterprise has dropped out of warp speed in an unmapped part of t ...
November 11, 2016 // //
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Ireland Showcases its Data Science Talent

Amidst the backdrop of some of Ireland's greatest sporting moments and looking out over the rooftops on a beautiful sunny day at the construction cran ...
September 23, 2016 // //
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Opportunities from the GDPR

The need for tighter personal data regulation was pressing and an international accord on data access, sharing and storage has been a long time coming ...
July 25, 2016 // //
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Building an Analytics Department

Building and starting a new analytics company offering from scratch is a very difficult and time consuming endeavour. There are so many different vari ...
June 29, 2016 // //
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Near-Future Bob

A typical day in the near-future IOT life of Bob the Sales guy. I am woken by my sleep monitoring alarm clock which wakes me at the optimal time in ...
May 6, 2016 // //
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The Rise of the Data Privacy Saviour

The last few years have seen an explosion in private user profile information and data being taken from every possible source imaginable and there doe ...
March 3, 2016 // //
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