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Adqlo Helping Small Businesses Improve Their Digital Performance
January 26, 2018 News AI analytics big data IoT


Big Community had the opportunity to meet with one of Malaysia’s up and coming digital marketing companies CEO, Ginz Ooi of Webqlo. The company which has been around for about 5 years, has just launched their newest product that Ginz believes will revolutionise how Malaysians and the surrounding region, including the education system, will view and approach digital marketing.

They are a full service digital marketing agency that builds businesses and engages their customers providing services from marketing insights, big data technology, and programmatic advertising.

Adqlo, Ginz says, differs from most marketing analytic tools. He explains how. “Unlike most of the data companies out there, who focus on helping companies analyse their own data, we are helping the client analyse their competitor(sic) data. Mainly on digital platforms. It does not include offline, retail, POS, or their accounting systems. We get the raw data from Facebook, Google, Youtube and all the social media, as well as some of the public e-commerce platforms like Lazada, E-bay and others. We will then use our own algorithm to generate insights for the clients and users.”

Ginz Ooi

This he said, will give the companies, big or small, an idea of their position in the market based on real-time sentiment. And instead of just analysing their own companies’ sentiments, they can also analyse their competitors sentiment and see how well they are doing in comparison.

“Just with a few clicks of a button, you get in-depth details of the entire industry. Unlike other data analysis that analyse their own data and understand their own customer. That is good. That is more for big companies with 300 outlets like McDonalds, or 100 outlets like Padini. They can use the usual analysis methods.  But what about those small players such as SME’s or individuals who want to analyse their digital performance?”

The Adqlo platform is free to use for the basic user which Ginz says, is more than enough to assist the startup or the SME gain insights on their product or the product of their customers. The advance features of the system can be used through their Software as a Service feature which still doesn’t cost very much.

“We are here to help the small players and those companies that want to improve their digital performance on the internet market, we can help them do that. Right now in version 1.0, we are focused on Facebook and Instagram.”

Adqlo will also be enhancing their analysis by including all the languages in the region into their algorithm. This is considered an upgrade from their current system that is expected to be in operation by the middle of the year.

“Most agencies are moving towards digital. Nowadays, clients don’t want to do above the line and below the line. They find that its heading to its sunset. Now everyone is talking about digital. They want to do digital but they don’t know how. They are trying to compete in the digital world.”

Adqlo is said to help bridge this gap by providing the know-how to the agencies through a few clicks of a button to understand through factual analysis, the true public sentiment as well as the real-time figures happening across social media platforms. The analysis is complete within a few milliseconds and pushed out to the server within 2 seconds, at most 3.

Ginz believes that not only will Digital Marketing become the change that the world needs, but that it will become a job scope and position in the corporate world that will demand respect due to its importance to the industry.