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Adtech firm Impulse Screen Media launches operations in South East Asia
April 9, 2018 News analytics big data


Note from Editor:

We found this article interesting on a number of points and decided to get a bit more granular on how ISM will be implementing their technology in the region. Below are our questions and their replies.

Big Community: What type of real-time media insights does your technology provide?
ISM: We use our proprietary technology to constantly monitor TV (video) content in order to provide real time insights to brands to help optimise digital media placement, measurement and attribution. Our cloud-based platform uses advanced machine learning to recognise and analyse key words or TV image content. This technology is integrated into all major Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) and automatically triggers cross-digital advertising when predefined events or keywords occur in real-time. Optimising digital media buying in sync with live events, keywords, TV adverts and weather conditions, drives measurably improved ROI on digital ad spend. This is because cross-platform ads are delivered in a context that is relevant to the content the consumer is watching on TV –often referred to as ‘co-incidence’ marketing.

Big Community: Is there a specific reason you chose these 3 countries for your first international roll out?
ISM: The countries were selected because they are significant hubs in SE Asia where both the broadcast television and mobile marketing are significant scale and maturity. We entered into commercial discussions with brands and agencies we already work with in Australia who were experiencing growth in each region and who expressed interest in our service offer and solutions.

Big Community: Can you share with us details on the improvements in metrics that we will see from your technology?
ISM: As the campaigns take place in the DSP, brands apply their regular measurement tools, from brand uplift, viewability, completion rates to direct response measurement like CTR (click through rate), CPC (cost per click) and CPA (cost per acquisition). It is easy to see the value created, as side by side campaigns using and not using our technology can be created – meaning effectiveness and uplift to metrics can be directly measured. Each campaign is unique depending on objectives, however our technology invariably reduces waste and drives a significant lift in performance and sales. Typically return on advertising investment improves by over 30%.

The full article follows.

Impulse Screen Media has completed its first international roll out, launching its Adsync+ product in Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

Impulse Screen Media (‘ISM’), an advanced machine learning and visual intelligence company, has completed the first stage of its international roll-out, expanding its operations to Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. The company uses its proprietary technology to constantly monitor visual and audio TV content in order to provide real time insights to brands to optimise digital media placements, measurement and attribution.

ISM co-founder and CEO Paul Garrity said, “This is a milestone for our Australian start-up and will give brands across the region access to the real-time media insights that our technology provides. As more and more consumers are multi-screening across different devices, brands are realising the significant improvements in consumer engagement and metrics that our technology enables.”

ISM has deployed its technology in data centres in Singapore, Bangkok and Jakarta and is currently in advanced beta testing of its solution with partners and clients in each region.

Impulse Screen’s technical solution uses key-words or TV image content (including weather and other metadata) to trigger cross-media digital advertising to leverage TV ad spots or TV content. The company’s proprietary technology also powers advanced analytics and attribution reporting.