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AIM launches first data science corporate laboratory


FOR its 50th year, the Asian Institute of Management, in partnership with the StanShih Foundation and Acer Group, launched and presented its first corporate laboratory recently at its AIM Campus.

Named ACCeSs@AIM, which stands for Analytics, Computing, and Complex Systems Laboratory, the lab is designed to promote the use of data science, artificial intelligence, and computational models in maneuvering and distinguishing critical issues and points of various sectors such as industries and government agencies.

Aside from that, the institution also aims to achieve its commitment, which is to play a part in developing and expanding the growth of Asia businesses, societies, and of course, the Philippine economy.

“We want to train the next generation of data science leaders to ask the right questions, as well as mine, refine, and convert data into information that will greatly benefit businesses and communities in the era of industry 4.0,” said ACCeSs@AIM Executive Managing Director Professor Christopher Monterola.

The Acer supercomputer, which features computing speeds of up to 500 teraflops and a capacity of 500 terabytes, is donated by the StanShih Foundation piloted by Stan Shih, Acer Founder and Honorary Chairman.

The corporate laboratory will be used as venue for the formal application of AIM’s formal data science, Master of Science in Data Science, headed by Professor Monterola.

As for the application of the laboratory, projects will be developED to use in businesses, society, and communities. Projects will be made through access in collaboration with faculty, researchers, graduate students, policymakers, executives and industry decision-makers to enhance competitiveness, sustainability, and adaptability.

“By enabling data scientists to work closely with domain experts and individuals familiar with business and management issues, ACCeSs@AIM will create a collaborative ecosystem where business acumen meets data science skill sets. The goal is to empower managers, government leaders, and policymakers to make data-driven decisions,” added AIM President and Dean Jikyeong Kang.

The MSDS program is the first formal data science in the Philippines and ASEAN, designed to be as world-class on three fronts: the caliber of its faculty, the challenging data problems, and of course, the lab work through the ACCeSs@AIM.

By the end and completion of the degree, the institution believes that each student “will have a better appreciation of the term ‘intelligence’ when linked to the word ‘business.’”

The classes for MSDS program have already started last March 5, headed by the Academic Program Director and Filipino data scientist Erika Legara.

AIM believes that through these combined efforts, a “highly skilled workforce” will be created to face the fast-moving era of big data in the future.

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