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Altinity Provides Cloud Version of ClickHouse on Kodiak Data MemCloud™
August 22, 2017 News analytics big data Cloud

Altinity, today announced that it will provide a cloud version of ClickHouse on Kodiak Data MemCloudTM, the edge-cloud for Big Data. ClickHouse is an open-source column-store analytic database that easily outperforms available commercial and open-source offerings on big data workloads. As such it allows users to manage and run real-time queries on petabytes of data without expensive license costs. Many companies around the world are already using ClickHouse for data collection and analysis, including CloudFlare, Nvidia, Carto, Vertamedia, Infinidat and others.

“We were excited when we saw the performance results of ClickHouse running on Kodiak Data’s MemCloud,” said Altinity’s co-founder, Alexander Zaitsev.  “Our MemCloud benchmarks clocked in at 1.5-3X faster than our experience with other clouds and the difference is even more impressive where price-performance ratio is concerned. We envy new users who will have an opportunity to try and demo ClickHouse easier than ever, see its outstanding performance results, and deploy production clusters. ”

“We designed a memory-speed cloud infrastructure solution from the ground up to make the power of big data analytics accessible to more businesses,” said Eddie Lu, VP of Engineering at Kodiak Data.  “Seeing how quick and easy it is to deploy clusters for ClickHouse, along with the performance gains over typical leading cloud hosting services, is testament to our vision.”

Altinity’s mission is to make it easier for all to use, and to benefit from, ClickHouse. The partnership with Kodiak Data brings ClickHouse to the high performance cloud with a few mouse clicks and at a fraction of cost compared to general purpose clouds. Kodiak Data will offer pre-configured and custom clusters for ClickHouse on MemCloud, as well as demo, test and production environments; Altinity will offer professional services, training, and operational services for ClickHouse.

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