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Atos launches open source high-performance and data warehouse for AWS


Atos has launched an open source high-performance and data warehouse for Amazon Web Services (AWS), leveraging zData, a recently-acquired premier consulting firm with unparalleled expertise in Big Data solutions.

Powered by Pivotal Greenplum, the new massively parallel clustered data warehouse features unique machine learning, text and natural language analytic together with geospatial location queries and windowing functions. It allows users to build and test an Open Source analytics cluster directly from zData’s Website without any limitations, to enable powerful and rapid Big Data analytics on petabyte scale data volumes, taking advantage of the Atos Codex expertise.

Pre-built to allow for timely usage, the Greenplum stack enables businesses to benefit from cost savings of 30 percent compared to Amazon Redshift and Google Big Query.

“As the first enterprise-grade, MPP (massively parallel processing) analytical warehouse technology to go Open Source, I believe it’s important for everyone to be able to harness the power and value of Open Source Greenplum. It offers an incomparable advantage over the present-day cloud-based alternatives,” said Jacque Istok, VP, Pivotal Data.

Jerome Sandrini, Atos Vice President and Head of Big Data North America, Atos added, “zData’s release of free Open Source Greenplum on AWS accelerates the adoption of Greenplum, a main technology behind Atos Codex, providing one of the fastest and most cost efficient ways to explore your data.”

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