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Cloudera Doubles Down on its Commitment to Indonesia with Cloudera Sessions on 29th August


Cloudera Doubles Down on its Commitment to Indonesia with Cloudera Sessions on 29th August

Earlier this year Big Community were the organisers of Big Data week Jakarta, the event hosted over 1000 people eager to learn more about the power of big data and one of the most important supporters and sponsors was Cloudera.

This was the first time BDW had run in Indonesia and for commercial companies to support a first-time event is always a risk, however Cloudera APJ Marketing Director had no hesitation in committing Cloudera’s support. He explained to us “Indonesia is a key market for us, it’s also a market that we understand requires commitment, investment and patience from a vendor like us. That being the case I had no hesitation in supporting an event designed to bring together the various strands of the Indonesian Big Data Ecosystem”.

Publisher of Asia Online Publishing Group’s General Manager Melina Hwang described just how important Cloudera’s involvement was. “Having such an important Big Data company as Cloudera commit to that event early helped in convincing others to also support the event.” She explained further “What impressed us was that Cloudera’s approach was not just about what they could get out of the event, but even more important they worked really hard with us to see how we could make the event benefit the Indonesian Big Data Eco System. It was clear their focus was much about helping the nation develop than looking to close deals and find opportunities, it was really good to see.”

Fast forward 6 months and that commitment has strengthened. In-fact Cloudera has doubled down and continues to invest in Big Data in Indonesia. Not only in terms of people and resources, but also by continuing to bring the ecosystem together. Next week on 29th August, they are running their own event in Jakarta – Cloudera Sessions at the Raffles Hotel. (You can register for the event by clicking here)

The event brings together a range of expert speakers that will be focusing on “Imagining the possibilities”. This is key for an emerging market where all too often people get caught up in the nuts and bolts of Big Data technology rather than focusing on the end game, namely that the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

The sessions will cover real world use cases from Banking, Finance, Telco, and Smart Nation with focus on making what is “impossible today possible tomorrow”.

True to their promise Cloudera are focusing on openness and bringing real value to the Indonesia’s burgeoning big data community. They have opened their sessions to multiple vendors including Qlik, Paxata, Talend, Kogentix and Informatica to name a few. All of whom have been given time to present. This willingness to work and promote companies who may overlap their own business is testament to Cloudera’s approach to Indonesia. Invest and bring value first the returns are sure to come later.