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Couchbase Revolutionizes Data Movement Between the Cloud and Edge with Latest Release of Couchbase Mobile
April 13, 2018 News

Couchbase, Inc., creator of the world’s first Engagement Database, today announced the latest advancement in mobile data management with Couchbase Mobile 2.0. Available today, the latest release offers enterprise developers SQL queries, Full-Text Search, synchronization, and end-to-end security among other features to easily mobilize business applications to create exceptional customer experiences and a more effective workforce.

“Mobile first” and “offline first” strategies within the enterprise continue to grow in importance.  With the enterprise mobile application market expected to reach $6.7 billion by 2022, according to IDC*, it is clear that mobile technology continues to revolutionize the way today’s businesses operate, and customers, employees and partners are increasingly engaging with businesses through applications.

Couchbase Mobile extends the Couchbase Data Platform to the edge, securely managing and seamlessly syncing data from any cloud to all edge devices. Using Couchbase Mobile, organizations can build offline-first mobile applications with guaranteed data availability, irrespective of network connectivity or speed. Built-in enterprise-grade security from the cloud to the edge helps safeguard data while a consistent programming model for building web and mobile apps simplifies development. And with the flexibility to add capacity at every tier, enterprises can easily scale up and down as demand fluctuates. The platform includes:

  • Couchbase Server, a distributed NoSQL database for managing data in any cloud
  • Couchbase Lite, an embedded NoSQL database for managing data locally on the device
  • Sync Gateway, a secure web gateway that orchestrates data synchronization between Couchbase Lite and Couchbase Server

Some of the new features and associated benefits in Couchbase Mobile 2.0 include:

Unmatched agility and flexibility

  • SQL query and full-text search: Couchbase Lite now brings the power of SQL to the edge, giving developers the ability to run queries on embedded JSON data. Additionally, new Full-Text Search capabilities enable simple word or text search in data stored in Couchbase Lite.
  • Data change events: Developers can listen and react to data, and query change events to create a richer, more reactive, and more engaging app experience.

Unparalleled performance at scale

  • Replication over WebSocket: By leveraging WebSocket — a standard technology for real-time bi-directional point to point communication between client and server — replication is more efficient as it eliminates continuously polling the servers.

Ease of management

  • Automatic conflict resolution: With Couchbase Lite 2.0, data conflicts are detected and automatically resolved.
  • On-device replicas: An on-device replica enables data recovery on the edge.