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Informatica Reimagines iPaaS with Industry’s First Big Data Management Cloud


Informatica®, the enterprise cloud data management leader, today announced the industry’s first big data management cloud solution for Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS). Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS), Informatica Big Data Management, and the entire Intelligent Data Lake Management portfolio of products enables organizations to connect to and ingest data sources in the cloud, while empowering data engineers, data analysts, and data scientists to automate and accelerate data management work with AI-driven recommendations powered by the CLAIRE™ engine.

IICS offers a single, trusted solution to support any integration pattern, data set, user and endpoints to enable advanced analytics. It is based on a microservices architecture for agile support of customers’ future business requirements and leverages the CLAIRE engine to provide AI metadata-driven recommendations to automate and accelerate data integration.

IICS will be the first iPaaS to deliver connectivity to and ingestion of big data sources into hybrid data lakes. Informatica’s Intelligent Data Lake Management solution will offer new innovations in AI-driven data management for hybrid environments. This new integration will empower any user within the enterprise to turn big data in cloud data lakes into easily accessible and trusted data assets, in the cloud or on-premises.

  • Application Owners: The Informatica iPaaS solution will include comprehensive connectivity to big data sources in the cloud as well as the ability to ingest to Apache Hive/HDFS, empowering citizen data integrators to quickly build cloud data lakes for advanced analytics.
  • Data Scientists: Informatica data integration solutions for big data, including Hadoop, now supports Python-based transformations, while data preparation solutions have extended capabilities as well
  • Data Managers: Informatica data integration solutions for big data, including Hadoop, now supports a completely new serverless architecture allowing users to directly deploy and scale distributed compute clusters for data management tasks without requiring IT support.
  • Data Engineers: Informatica data integration solutions for big data, including Hadoop now enables the industry’s only AI-driven solution for data engineering with the new CLAIRE-based Intelligent Structure Discovery allowing  data engineers to rapidly ingest and parse data from semi-structured data sources like IoT devices or Web clickstreams using automated schema inference.  Combined with new innovations to the comprehensive library of data ingestion, data integration, and data quality capabilities, data engineers can build and deliver data pipelines with even less manual effort.
  • Data Stewards: The Informatica data catalog now extends end-to-end lineage all the way to edge devices.
  • Data Analysts: Informatica data preparation now includes project workspaces and publication management providing even more self-service enterprise collaboration features to maximize data use and re-use

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