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Introducing the BIG DIRECTORY – ASEAN’s biggest searchable directory of Big Data Talent


Big Directory is a new addition to the Big Community News and Eco System Portal.

The Big Directory is our attempt to allow people the with Big Data Skills to find each other. If you are a Big Data professional and want to find other Data professionals with whom you can collaborate you can sign up and be discovered or simply search for people to contact. If you have no big data skills of your own but need to find someone with specific skills to help you with a big data project,then probably best not to sign up, but you are free to search our directory and reach out to the people with the skills you need.

Big Data is about eco system and collaboration, our aim with Big Directory is to make it easy for you to find people with specific experience or skill that fill gaps in your own teams or projects.

We also pledge never to use the details you put into the Big Directory for any other purpose. You will NOT be added to any email distribution lists and we will not share your details with anyone.

If your details come up in a big directory search, the person that ran the search can click on a button to email you. They will not see your email address or any other contact details. It will be up to you to decide whether you want to respond.

When you add your name to the directory – we will ask your location and to tick a list of specific Big Data and Data Analytics skills that you have. We don’t charge a free and once you have added your details, people that need your skill set will be able to find you.

Big Directory is and always will be 100% free to those that add their details and those that use it search for experts. Our aim is to assist collaboration.

Big Community already receives thousands of unique visitors every day, all coming to our site for one reason alone – they are interest in big data and data analytics. In addition, our weekly e-news goes to around 6000 subscribers.

Big Directory will be promoted to this group and further. We intend to have our partners also promote the directory and will be making it highly visible on social media.

If you have the skills and want to be discovered – make sure you sign up and become part of what we hope will be ASEAN’s biggest searchable directory of Big Data Talent!

Sign up now at: