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Making IoT and Data Analytics a Priority for Business Growth


We live in an always-on and digitised environment where customer decision is driven by their experience and the stakes to deliver that experience can make or break an organisation. Being relevant in this fast-paced market has never been more competitive.

Here’s where real-time business intelligence and cognitive responses can save the day. With the right data analytics and tools to scrape the data needed, companies are able to harvest ridiculous amounts of ‘useless’ data and turn it into useful intelligence that improves the customer experience.

Garnering the true value of data into actionable, cost reducing, revenue ramping data has become the focus of every business and IT department manager. Producing the desired results through data analytics and IoT technical experts will help businesses to create brand preference and grow their market share and for this reason, the solution provider needs to be easily scalable for when the organisation expands.

To get the best out of IoT and data analytics, companies need to solutions that provide the following:

  • Accelerate sales cycle with trusted resources. Leverage seasoned sales and technical pre-sales support along with tried-and-true proofs-of-concept and real-world technology use case demonstrations to expedite selling efforts.
  • Deliver true business value across the entire IoT ecosystem. Advance customer’s digital transformation by combining technologies, predictive analytics and seamless integration to cloud environments, data centres, and mobile devices for a true competitive advantage in the marketplace.
  • Provide a holistic approach to best-in-class solutions. From the edge to the enterprise, the solution provider needs to have a single source for market-leading vendors, services, technical resources, tools and financing options.

Tech Data comes with more than 95 years of collective experience, and a highly-skilled team consisting of data and business intelligence (BI) architects, business analysts, ETL (Extract, Transform & Load) and BI Developers who are able to provide channel partners with comprehensive capabilities to expedite sales and time to value. The Tech Data team provides:

  • Business Analytics and BI Assessments
  • Industry Analytics Services for IBM Healthcare, Retail, Finance and Insurance Analytics Software Sales
  • Consulting, Ideation, Prototyping and Design Services
  • Demonstrations, Proof of Technology, and Proof of Concept

Preparing the business with IoT and data analytics infrastructure is placing the business squarely where progress and growth will follow. With Tech Data as your partner to guide you through those changes, your business is guaranteed a more than fighting chance of competing with the best in class and solidifying brand presence.