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Plexxi Partners with Decision Lab to Provide Real-time Network Analytics


Plexxi, a pioneer in Hyperconverged Networking (HCN) and Decision Lab, a Big Data and Engineering firm, today announced a new strategic partnership, where the companies will work together to extend Plexxi’s HCN™ software to include real-time analytics for the Plexxi network fabric. Through this partnership, the companies will co-develop an integrated set of software tools that collect fabric data path and control path statistics and provide users with analytics dashboards that will present customers with critical insights into their Plexxi datacenter network.

Today’s distributed, scale-out applications and Hyperconverged Infrastructures (HCI) are placing new challenges on the network in ensuring the performance and integrity of the east/west workload traffic that is the heartbeat of server-to-server communication and synchronization. These environments can become even more challenging as they scale to accommodate additional application workloads. Real-time visualization of the current and potential future state of the network, including general network status, workload performance, fabric utilization, and object health is vital to maintaining a reliable and performant solution.

“We are very excited to work with Decision Lab to bring real-time analytics to the Plexxi HCN fabric,” said Rich Napolitano, Plexxi CEO. “Their unique expertise in scale-out architectures, large scale data collection and visualization, and machine learning will enable Plexxi to offer real-time insights to our customers at any scale. We welcome Decision Lab into the next-generation data center ecosystem that will enable users to realize reduced operational complexity and cost.”

The ability to create a platform that can be deployed rapidly and grow with customer needs are of high importance to data center managers as they modernize their datacenter infrastructure. Decision Lab and Plexxi are coming together to deliver a platform that can not only be deployed quickly, but also scale across a customer’s data center infrastructure in Public Cloud, Private Cloud or on Bare Metal hardware.

“Plexxi has built an intelligent network fabric that is under software control,” said Nathan Necaise, CEO of Decision Lab. “Their workflow logic and rich API set enable cloud builders and partners like us to tightly integrate applications with Plexxi network functions to deliver a complete, seamless solution that customers can deploy quickly and scale incrementally as needed.”

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