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TM one the driving force for the big data age
December 19, 2017 News analytics big data IoT


THE only constant in the digital world is the continuous rise in demand for storage of data.

Two years ago, the average retiree would be happily satisfied with one megabyte (MB) of data in his or her smartphone. Today with Unifi broadband they are used to a minimum of 30MB and thirsty for more.

The demand for data transcended manifold in the private sector where the hunger is for data storage and management. It is largely driven by the need to monetise data. Big advancements in big-data analysis have paved the way for companies to capture consumer trends and eventually monetise it.

From media companies to retailers and airline companies – they all want to capitalise on big data. According to a study by an international technology research firm, so far, only 0.5% of all the data that flows through the pipes are being analysed for useful information.

To meet the demands of the business world, the telecommunication companies have set up big data centres to help companies manage and store the information. The beauty of such facilities is it allows all companies – whether big or small – to compete on a level playing field.

According to a study, by 2020, every person online is expected to create 1.7 megabytes of new data every second. This comes on top of the 44 zettabytes (or 44 trillion gigabytes) of data that already exist in the digital universe.

Towards this end, Telekom Malaysia’s business solution arm, TM One has built up two data management centres – one in Iskandar Putri , Johor that is already up and running and another in Klang Valley that is poised to kick off next year.

TM One’s Iskandar Puteri Core Data Centre (IPDC) is strategically located in the Iskandar economic development region in Malaysia and Singapore. The centre is built to satisfy the increasing demand of data centre market and addresses its customers’ higher requirements for the future.

Apart from data management, TM One offers a full suite of services to companies in their move to adapt to the digital world as it further entrenches itself as the one-stop solution centre for all managed ICT services.

TM One chief technology officer Nizam Arshad says it has now become crucial for both private and public sectors across all industries to collect, store, manage and analyse all available data in order to thrive in the market.

“Strategically located in the Iskandar economic development region in Malaysia and neighbouring Singapore, IPDC is built to satisfy the increasing demand of the data centre market. IPDC addresses higher requirements needed from our customers in the coming years to come,” says Nizam.

“TM One aspires to be the one and only enabler of our customers’ potential digital opportunities, the go-to end-to-end service provider for data centre, Cloud service, and at the same time, expand our reach beyond the Malaysian market. To achieve our aspiration to be the end-to-end service provider for data centre and Cloud, we have taken on the task to provide seamless customer service and support, true to our philosophy of Life Made Easier,” he says.

Non-stop run

The new data centre’s build and service quality assurance is backed by industry certification such as the Tier III Certification for Constructed Facility (TCCF) assessed by Uptime Institute, a globally recognised advisory organisation that assesses data centres based on design, construction and operational sustainability.

“This means that we are able to run 24/7, non-stop, even when we run our scheduled maintenance or troubleshoot any unexpected issues.

“We give our customers the needed empty space, skilled workers and power for them to scale and grow with the digital market, and with the extra resources in hand, our customers will be able to focus more on their core business,” he explains.

The data centre is also designed with high security standard after going through stringent threat vulnerability and risk assessment by a reputable security consultant.

From the facility perspective, the data centre is planned to be among the first in Malaysia to get multiple industry certification from the way it is designed, how it is constructed and the way it is operated.

“We are confident that with TM One as the driving force of this data centre, we will be able to meet our customers’ digital transformation needs as they move alongside the global digital market.

“This, together with our confidence in providing our customers worry-free assurance on their hosting needs, combined with our capability in enhancing their business productivity and market competitiveness, will enable our customers to realise their digital opportunities,” says Nizam.

Next year, TM One’s data centre in the Klang Valley, which is located in Cyberjaya, will be ready for service by the second quarter of 2018 too. Both centres would be connected to each other with a fast fibre-optic line, providing seamless connectivity to businesses located in and outside the country.

Both IPDC and KVDC will have a total white space of 90,000 sq ft ready to continuously support the nation’s smart city initiatives by partnering with the key government entities to facilitate implementation of data centre transformational strategy nationwide.

The two data centres would enhance the market positioning of TM One as the international provider of data storage and management services to customers in the region.

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