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Unlocking new Opportunities through Open Data
January 22, 2018 News analytics big data open data


Today, most open data is stored in silos and unreachable by the general public, which makes it difficult for use by both commercial and private entities. To add to the open data conundrum, it is often difficult to validate the accuracy of open data.Tech Data, a leading end-to-end distributor of technology products, services and solutions, continuously invests in software solutions that enable partners to consume and interpret open data. By partnering with world leaders in data management such as Cloudera, IBM, Dell EMC, Oracle, SAS Institute and SAP, Tech Data is well positioned to help partners capitalize on the untapped intelligence in data.

Chiew Yue Lam

In an interview with Big Community, Tech Data’s country general manager, Malaysia, Chiew Yue Lam, said, “Open data can be used to enhance the speed of deployment of business plans to market, provide guidance around new products for development, and help us make smarter decisions which bring positive impact to the customers’ organisation. If data is hidden in silos this cannot happen. With open data the wealth of data available outside the organisation can be utilised for research and development and to uncover ways to maximise revenue and margin opportunities.”

Making data open allows us to uncover the best solutions to the problems we’re presented with. ASEAN countries face a unique set of issues that need to be overcome in order to facilitate development. The uniqueness of the issues is reflected in the data that ASEAN governments and organisations have collected over the years. As a result, the unique answers to these issues are also hidden in this data.

The key is for organisations to make data open and available without giving up competitive advantage or compromising privacy. The data needs to be provided in such a way that it is usable and useful. This is a task that is worthwhile for any data enthusiast to assist with.

“Firstly, think about availability, accuracy, legal implications. Next, create an environment for encouraging and managing open data to propagate,” added Yue Lam when asked what Tech Data’s advice would be to companies planning to use open data sets in the future.

If leveraged to its full potential, open data can improve governance of regulated and non-regulated industries, help to empower citizens, create new opportunities through innovation and perhaps, most important of all, it can be applied to help solve local and national public challenges such as traffic congestion, availability of necessary resources and effectiveness of law enforcement. Through collaborative efforts from government agencies and industry leaders like Tech Data, the opportunity in open data will not go untapped.