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3-Day Google Analytics Certification Course – fully HRDF claimable

This 3-Day Google Analytics Certification Course is available as Corporate Training Course at your company’s premises/office and is fully HRDF claimab ...
November 15, 2017 // In person //
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Taking Data Analytics to the Next Level with R Programming Language

Those who work with unstructured big data will find this course useful in using various statistical and predictive models and data visualizations to g ...
October 20, 2017 // In person //
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Workshop Data Visualisation

This workshop is organized alongside the 2 days Analytics Leaders’ Summit – Jakarta Conference. You can sign up for this workshop individually or unde ...
October 17, 2017 // In person //
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BIG DATA Exclusive Masterclass Workshop

Lillian Pierson, P.E. is a leading expert in the field of Big Data and Data Science who equips working professionals and students with the data skills ...
September 20, 2017 // In person //
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Data Science Finishing School for Graduates

A 6 months paid finishing school for graduates that includes 2 months of intensive data science enablement and mentorship with experienced data scient ...
May 19, 2017 // In person //
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