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#BIGIT18 – The 6th Annual Big Data Conference & Exhibition

WHAT IS BIGIT? BIGIT is the birth of passion and growth. It starts from our BIGGER than life Culture and transcends to our Company, Colleagues and Cl ...
November 15, 2017 // Upcoming //
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Malaysia’s Future of Work

The recent wave of technological innovation is garnering widespread attention as technologists and economists debate whether it will result in a joble ...
November 2, 2017 // Upcoming //
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Big Open Wrangle

  What is Big Open Wrangle A 4-month online challenge, you can participate from anywhere (1st November 2017 - 28th February 2018) ...
September 29, 2017 // Upcoming //
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Big Data Visualization Summit, Singapore

DESCRIPTION Big Data Visualization & AI Summit 2017 will be held in Singapore on November 17th. This Conference will bring together indus ...
September 28, 2017 // Upcoming //
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Analytics Leaders Summit Jakarta “Data Professionals’ Prefered Choice of Event”

Once again, EnigmaCG is bringing together some of the top leaders within the industry recognized for their achievements in the analytical world. Enigm ...
September 21, 2017 // Upcoming //
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Big Data & Analytics Innovation Summit

Why Attend With 6 years' history in Singapore, Big Data & Analytics Innovation Summit has become one of the biggest gatherings for data exe ...
June 13, 2017 // Upcoming //
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Strata Data Conference in Singapore

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May 3, 2017 // Upcoming //
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