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Open Analytics For The Big Data Age?

  The hype around Big Data is finally starting to die down. Big Data Analytics is no longer a “holy grail” that people are searching for, rath ...
August 7, 2017 // Blog analytics big data Open Analytics //
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Data Wrangling Explained

Data Wrangling refers to the process of sourcing, cleaning and amalgamating data sets in order to make access to that data more straight forward and a ...
June 2, 2017 // Blog Data Wrangling //
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The Revolution We Want And Need

  Application softwares or Apps for short, have become the corner stone of our ever advancing society and looks to become even more integral t ...
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Google Contact Lens

  Giant tech company, Google, has developed a smart glass named Google Glass. It is designed by X (previously known as Google X) and resembles ...
January 27, 2017 // Blog big data Google Contact Lens IoT //
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Big Data Collection or Mobile Apps stealing Your Information?

  Android users beware! Take notice that all too often your personal information is not treated privately. Applications on your smartphone may ...
January 19, 2017 // Blog big data Mobile Apps Privacy Security //
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Registration Open For The Big Project

Big Community has launched the “Big Project” supported by Fusionex and co organised with MDEC. Over the next 6 months you can enter the Big Project an ...
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Data Science Careers Whitepaper

    TO DOWNLOAD THE WHITE PAPER - SCROLL DOWN AND CLICK - "PROTECTED DOWNLOAD" Unsure of the difference between a Big Data Scientis ...
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The Telematic Wave in Big Data

  The shocking news that gripped the nation of how a lady perished from a minor car accident has got many people questioning how such an incid ...
June 30, 2016 // Blog //
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