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SAP Announces New Courses to Enable the Intelligent Enterprise

  SAP SE announced four new courses for the openSAP platform focused on enabling the Intelligent Enterprise using SAP technology. The courses e ...
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SAP expands innovation footprint in APJ with the launch of SAP Leonardo Center Singapore

  SAP today announced the launch of the SAP Leonardo Center Singapore, established to help customers, partners and the broader ecosystem of un ...
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Marvelstone Group opens Smart City Innovation Lab in Singapore

  MARVELSTONE Group on May 1 announces the opening of Smart City Innovation Lab in the Central Business District (CBD) of Singapore. The Smart ...
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Cosima Foundation Launches Digital Advertising Blockchain DATx, in Collaboration with QTUM and Avazu

  DATx, a new blockchain initiated by Cosima Foundation, and in collaboration with QTUM Foundation, a Singapore-based blockchain and Avazu, a ...
February 9, 2018 // News big data Blockchain //
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Blockchain Special Focus Supported by NetApp

  Blockchain is the technology that makes Bitcoin possible and people are becoming increasingly aware of just how important and pervasive this ...
January 26, 2018 // News Blockchain //
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Fujitsu Develops Blockchain-based Software for a Secure Data Exchange Network

Fujitsu today announced the development of software to create secure data exchange networks. With a proprietary data access control technology it has ...
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Peernova Quietly Collects $4 Million for Big Data Blockchain Play

  While some startups bask in blockchain hype, others are making a name by bucking the trend with an under-the-radar approach. One startup ...
November 17, 2016 // big data Blockchain Peernova Startup //
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