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Data Literacy Is Mission Critical For Businesses

  As businesses are increasing using visual analytics, business intelligence and analytics platforms to gain meaningful insights from the mass ...
March 20, 2017 // News big data Business Data Literacy //
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Tapping on big data and analytics can help corporations grow revenues

  A recent survey by Forbes Insights, in collaboration with consultancy EY, found nearly two-thirds of firms with well-established analytics s ...
March 20, 2017 // News analytics big data Business //
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Why Big Data Kills Businesses

  Big data has been anointed the savior of big business: it divines the future, reveals our path, and breathes new life into our venerable bus ...
March 1, 2017 // News analytics big data Business //
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Getting the business of Big Data ‘right’

Comments from Big Community Content Manager: Big Data Analytics is no longer just a buzz word, but very much a serious business term with implicati ...
February 15, 2017 // News big data Big Data Analytics Business //
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Can ‘Big Data’ Help Boost Investment Returns?

  Many fund managers are turning to big data and automated processes for more detailed stock research. Investors around the world will ofte ...
February 10, 2017 // News big data Business Investment Return //
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Making Sense of Big Data is the Big Challenge for Utilities

  Advanced technologies and access to so-called “Big Data” have transformed the world’s landscape and every industry imaginable along with it. ...
February 10, 2017 // News big data Business //
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Data As A Service: The Big Opportunity For Business

  Big data is imperative to business—and the amount of data in circulation and storage needed increases daily. Most forward-thinking businesse ...
February 10, 2017 // News big data Business Data as a Service //
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4 Ways to Encourage Big Data Adoption in Your Business

  Big data is becoming increasingly influential in today’s business world, but that doesn’t mean employees have universally embraced it. If ...
January 31, 2017 // News big data Business Organization //
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