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Analytics Can Solve Big Data Center Challenges

  Data centers are only getting more complex, but you can get a handle on them with the combined use of data center analytics and automation. ...
March 17, 2017 // News analytics big data Data Center //
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‘Data is power’: Is big data Alibaba’s secret weapon in global cloud race?

  Similarities between Alibaba and Amazon are always likely to be made, but while both operate in the ecommerce market their cloud wings are t ...
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CITIC Telecom CPC ‘full speed ahead’ in data center market after CITIC Tower acquisition

  CITIC Telecom CPC is now going 'full speed ahead' into the data center market, signified partly by the company's purchase of the remaining f ...
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Driving Data Center Strategy in the World of Big Data and IoT

  Today’s IT industry is dealing with data explosion. Therefore, companies need a data management system to manage the huge amount of generate ...
October 10, 2016 // News big data Data Center IoT //
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