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From Questions to Dashboards: How to Live a Data-Driven Life

Disclaimer:  The purpose of this post is about creating dashboards. This is not financial advice. All views expressed on this post are my own a ...
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Specializing apps in the big data-fast data virtual cycle

Becoming a data-driven enterprise requires more than just parking data in a gigantic repository. “There’s big data, and there’s fast data,” said D ...
July 27, 2017 // News analytics big data Data-Driven //
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APAC Brands Need More Than Data in Data-Driven Marketing

  It may seem paradoxical, but data alone is not sufficient for Asia-Pacific marketers to ensure their data-driven campaigns will be successfu ...
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Should social media data influence policy-making in the region?

  Dubai — Most social media users in the region are not likely to express their sentiments and views on social media platforms when disappoint ...
February 6, 2017 // News big data Data-Driven Social Media //
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Big Data in the Aviation Industry: The Case for Becoming Data-Driven

  APEX Insight: During the CAPA Asia Summit in Singapore earlier this month, airline and travel industry IT experts discussed big data and how ...
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