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Cloudera to Accelerate Data Science and Machine Learning for the Enterprise with New Data Science Workbench

  Cloudera, the provider of the leading global platform for machine learning and advanced analytics built on the latest open source technologi ...
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How Mashable Seeds Journalism with Data Science

  In journalism, researching what to write about often takes more time and effort than actually writing. But the online news site Mashable has ...
February 28, 2017 // News big data data science Journalism Mashable //
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Atos acquires zData, a premier consulting firm with unparalleled expertise in Big Data solutions

  Atos has signed a share purchase agreement with zData, bringing a unique team of software engineers and data scientists to support its custo ...
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New Research Proves Increased Awareness in the Value of Open Data Science, but Enterprises are Slow to Respond

  Continuum Analytics, the creator and driving force behind Anaconda, the leading Open Data Science platform powered by Python, finds that 96 ...
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How data scientists use critical thinking to generate valuable processes

Comments from Big Community Content Manager: Here's a great article on the do's and dont's of running a business effectively using a Value Stream M ...
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Universiti Sains Malaysia Gets Overwhelming Response to its Inaugural Hackathon

University Sains Malaysia’s two-day hackathon received overwhelming response from participants with organisers having to close registrations as all 10 ...
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Why Small Businesses Shouldn’t Fear Big Data

  The use of big data is becoming increasingly prevalent in a marketplace that has come to rely heavily on technology to inform business decis ...
January 18, 2017 // News big data data analytics data science //
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4 Perks of Leveraging Big Data in Marketing

  Some companies decide to ignore the topic in general, underestimating the importance. The expanding universe of big data brings in more o ...
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