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Co scours data, helps pupils perform better

  Do televisions in classrooms in crease attention spans or impact performance? How many extra-curricular activities can a child engage in wit ...
August 7, 2017 // News analytics big data education //
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Prestariang moving into big data sector

  PUTRAJAYA: Prestariang Bhd, which yesterday announced the set up of an education platform with China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba Group, is ai ...
January 13, 2017 // News big data education Prestariang //
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Using big data and predictive analytics to recruit international students

  In 2011 Clayton Christensen wrote The Innovative University, detailing the reasons why big disruptions would soon be coming to higher educat ...
November 22, 2016 // News big data education Predictive Analytics //
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Malaysia Preparing To Embrace Big Data Analytics

  “We will amass in the next one year, the equivalent of all data combined over the last 100 years ” quipped Richard Jones, VP Sales Asia, Aut ...
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How One University Used Big Data To Boost Graduation Rates

  Whenever you surf the web, sophisticated algorithms are tracking where you go, comparing you with millions of other people. They're trying t ...
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Schools Participation in 30 Hour Hackathon Shows Great Potential

Four teams from three schools are vying for prizes in the 48 Hour Open Data Public Sector Hackathon, 30 hour student category held at MCMC in Cyberjay ...
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MDEC Celebrates Local Animators That Have Made It Big Internationally

Malaysian animation IP creators are fast becoming a worldwide phenomenon with cartoonist gaining international popularity with export growth as much a ...
October 26, 2016 // News education MDEC //
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How Big Data Is Changing Education

  The use of big data is radically transforming most industries. One area though where you may not expect it to be having such a big impact is ...
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