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NTT DATA and Oracle Bring Healthcare Big Data to the Cloud

  NTT DATA is expanding its existing relationship with Oracle to include end-to-end cloud capabilities for Oracle’s Healthcare Foundation, a u ...
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Forget Bigger Data – Personalized Medicine Needs Smarter Data to Reach its Full Potential

  The advent of big data has helped enable the growth of personalized medicine. But if machine learning and analytics are to truly help transf ...
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How Big Data Could Transform The Health Care Industry

  Data scientist Dr. Eric Schadt is on a mission to revolutionize health care. Leveraging the power of new technologies and mobil ...
February 2, 2017 // News big data Healthcare Industry //
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Why malaria should fear Big Data Analytics

  Big Data Analytics have not only been a hot topic for the past few years but also have been transforming a wide variety of industries in int ...
January 19, 2017 // News big data Healthcare Industry Malaria //
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Government eyes new law to help compile medical big data

  Aiming to compile personal medical information as big data, the government is considering creating a system under which it will designat ...
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Your private medical data is for sale – and it’s driving a business worth billions

  Although information is anonymized, data miners and brokers can build up detailed dossiers on individual patients by cross-referencing with ...
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How Geisinger Health System Uses Big Data to Save Lives

  Major industries from retail to aeronautics are leveraging big data. But despite the abundance of data in healthcare, and the clear promise ...
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