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How Hong Kong tourism industry hopes to personalise travel experiences by using big data

Do not be surprised if the next time you walk into a hotel room, you find it has everything you want – the amenities that fit your taste, a set-up i ...
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Transportation development trends in the big data era in HK

  The recent fire on an MTR train during the evening rush hour caused an MTR station to shut for hours. This is good reason why transport data ...
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How HK can unleash the power of big data

  Big data has become one of the top buzzwords of our times. Indeed, we are living in an age of data explosion, what with the proliferation of ...
December 21, 2016 // News big data Hong Kong //
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Hong Kong’s data privacy pioneer lowers his guard

  In 1996 he became the city’s first privacy commissioner, now Stephen Lau reflects on how data protection has changed over the years and the ...
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Time for Hong Kong to catch up on Big Data

  Hong Kong has lagged far behind mainland China and the United States in the field of big data. The government has been reluctant to allow ...
October 14, 2016 // News big data China Hong Kong //
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