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How Far Should IT Practitioners Go to Police Corrupt Data?

  One of FBI Director James Comey's biggest concerns is the manipulation of information stored on government, business and private computers. ...
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Almost half of non-IT execs clueless about big data

  Non-IT departments stand to gain from big data insights yet such divisions haven’t been utilizing it, independent research commissioned by R ...
March 9, 2017 // News big data IT Department //
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Is Outsourcing The Key To Data Analytics Success?

  If the IT group isn't up to the task of implementing analytics, it's worth checking out the possibilities of outsourced analytics. Over t ...
February 16, 2017 // News big data IT Department Outsourcing //
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IT Department using big data for black money deposits

  Anyone who has deposited cash or purchased high value items after the November 8 demonetisation not in line with income declared in tax retu ...
January 3, 2017 // News big data Black Money IT Department //
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