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Japan to urge businesses to share big data

  Japan will encourage companies to share big data they collect, so that businesses can better cooperate on developing new products and servic ...
April 3, 2017 // News big data Business Japan //
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Big data to get intellectual property protection in Japan

  The Japanese government is taking steps that would make data on where your car has been driven or where your mobile phone has been the intel ...
March 15, 2017 // News big data Data Protection Japan //
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Japan transport firms using big data to improve safety

  More Japanese transportation firms are tapping into big data to enhance the safety of their services, analyzing the massive volumes of infor ...
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Teradata launches strategic consulting services in Japan

  Teradata has launched Think Big Strategic Consulting Services to Japanese customers. Think Big offers pure-play, full lifecycle services, ...
December 22, 2016 // News big data Japan Teradata Think Big //
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Govt mulls use of big data for disaster relief

  The government will begin developing a system to help disaster victims by utilizing big data gathered from sources such as internet post ...
October 24, 2016 // News big data Disaster Victims Japan //
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