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Japan’s NEC opens $10mn centre for big data analytics, aims $100mn revenue within three years

  Japanese technology firm NEC Corporation is investing $10 million to set up a “Center of Excellence for Analytics Platform & Solutions” ...
June 7, 2017 // News analytics big data Japan //
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Japan crafting antitrust guidelines on big data

  Seeking to prevent any company from gaining exclusive access to big data, the Japan Fair Trade Commission will consider designating the use ...
June 5, 2017 // News analytics big data Japan //
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Microsoft to bring enterprise cloud services to Japan

  Microsoft Japan will launch a large-scale cloud service in Japan this year that will enable major corporations to run their enterprise syste ...
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Japan plans high-tech solutions to growth obstacles

  Japan's government aims to punch through barriers to growth with advanced technology, leveraging artificial intelligence and the internet's ...
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Japan municipality turns to big data for matchmaking

  With an increasing number of Japanese remaining single amid an absence of traditional matchmakers, one municipality is turning to big data t ...
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70% hand over personal data in Fukuoka e-receipt trial

  In a surprise, nearly 70 percent of shoppers in a Fukuoka town agreed to provide their names, addresses, purchase histories and other person ...
May 22, 2017 // News analytics big data E-Receipt Japan //
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Japan to urge businesses to share big data

  Japan will encourage companies to share big data they collect, so that businesses can better cooperate on developing new products and servic ...
April 3, 2017 // News big data Business Japan //
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Big data to get intellectual property protection in Japan

  The Japanese government is taking steps that would make data on where your car has been driven or where your mobile phone has been the intel ...
March 15, 2017 // News big data Data Protection Japan //
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