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Sharing Open Data Will Accelerate Progress

What used to be associated with academics and the bread and butter for statisticians, data has now been elevated to a much higher status by the vast m ...
March 28, 2018 // Blog Big Open Wrangle BOW open data //
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Big Strides At The Big Open Wrangle Workshop

  The Big Open Wrangle workshop organised by Big Community went off better than expected according to Andrew Martin, Zerto VP of APJ and AOPG ...
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The Need For Politics In Open Data

  For open data to gain real traction, it needs political momentum to help introduce and scale it up to an effective and profitable entity. Th ...
March 1, 2018 // Blog open data //
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Open Data For Open Traffic Initiative Can Save Lives

  The Open Traffic initiative in Malaysia is an effort aimed at providing traffic data from Grab’s GPS data streams to address traffic congest ...
February 20, 2018 // Grab MDEC open data World Bank //
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Open Data for Citizens’ Wellbeing

  The Big Open Wrangle, an online campaign organised by Asia Online Publishing Group (AOPG) and supported by The Malaysian Administrative Mode ...
February 2, 2018 // News analytics big data open data //
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Malaysia Is Ready For Open Data

  Is Malaysia ready to navigate the vast ocean of information and opportunity through open data?According to a report by the World Bank, the O ...
January 26, 2018 // Big Open Wrangle MAMPU ODRA open data //
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Unlocking new Opportunities through Open Data

  Today, most open data is stored in silos and unreachable by the general public, which makes it difficult for use by both commercial and pr ...
January 22, 2018 // News analytics big data open data //
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Playing a part in the Open Data economy

  Malaysia has taken many steps to expand the public access of government data and strengthen data use across its public and private sectors. ...
January 17, 2018 // Blog analytics big data open data //
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