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  Big Data is already changing the way cities think about infrastructure, congestion, regulation, and planning. For the most part, we laud the ...
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Big Data Collection or Mobile Apps stealing Your Information?

  Android users beware! Take notice that all too often your personal information is not treated privately. Applications on your smartphone may ...
January 19, 2017 // Blog big data Mobile Apps Privacy Security //
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What trends will we see in a big data future?

  Big data is one of the areas of focus for business, government and research at present and when you start looking at what big data is, it’s ...
January 10, 2017 // News big data Crimnal Privacy Security //
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Preventing Big Data Pains for Precision Medicine

  The prescription is a cybersecurity plan that covers all smart, connected devices to safeguard patient privacy and data integrity. Advanc ...
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EU financial regulators say more rules may be needed for Big Data

  Additional rules may be needed to monitor growth in Big Data, or collection of high volumes of information, which could pose security, priva ...
December 20, 2016 // News big data EU Financial Privacy Security //
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