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Canon unveils new consumer-tracking data analytics solution to help retailers

  Retail stores can improve revenue by using new consumer-behaviour tracking technology linked to cloud-based video analytics, according to a ...
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How Big Data Can Be A Partner For Marketers

  Retail brands likely already have the data they need to create personalized digital marketing campaigns -- the issue is understanding and ma ...
March 23, 2017 // News big data Retail Industry //
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Retail analytics market to reach $5.1bn

  Analytics is changing the retail industry fast as more retailers begin to realise the importance of big data and how it will drive successfu ...
March 15, 2017 // News analytics big data Retail Industry //
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Can big data pay off for retailers? Only if you get personal, says Rubikloud

  I’m not a fan of the “big data” PR pitch. But I made an exception for Rubikloud. Instead of a sleep-inducing big-data-is-wonderful message, ...
January 6, 2017 // News big data Retail Industry //
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