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Sasaki uses big data and technology to revitalize buildings and cities

  Technology and big data go hand-in-hand and Boston-based firm Sasaki is one of the firms leading the way. Sasaki’s work touches on economic ...
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  Big Data is already changing the way cities think about infrastructure, congestion, regulation, and planning. For the most part, we laud the ...
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How big data can make cities smarter

  Urban transition is today increasingly a global reality: According to the UNO, two out of three people will be living in cities by 2030, com ...
November 25, 2016 // News big data Smart City Urban Citizen //
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Singapore En Route To Become The World’s First “Smart Nation”

  The concept of creating “smarter cities” has been kicked around for quite some time now. Revamping an entire city’s infrastructure is not an ...
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Is Big Brother on the dark side of the smart city?

  Predictive policing is one example, whereby historical crime stats are used to stereotype certain groups. Southwest of Seoul a $35 billion ...
October 21, 2016 // News Big Brother big data Cisco IBM Smart City //
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Big data analytics the next step in security

  Kathy Gibson reports from Huawei Safe City Summit in Nairobi – Ensuring the security of citizens will eventually go beyond surveillance and ...
October 17, 2016 // News Africa big data Security Smart City //
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Yinchuan: China’s leading smart city shows how government and technology can help improve the life of its citizens

  The latest industry buzzword which is bringing governments and technology providers together is smart cities. There have also been a num ...
October 10, 2016 // News big data China Smart City //
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