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Macrogen to build big data system to predict diseases for Korean population

  Macrogen, South Korea’s biggest genome sequencing company, has set out to build a genomic and medical big data system designed to predict th ...
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S. Korea to launch a public big data center within 2017

  The new South Korean government has decided to set up a national organization that will manage and analyze big data amassed by various gover ...
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For Securing Biz Model Korean Gov’t to Build Bio Big Data System

  The South Korean government will jointly build “distributed bio big data” with bio health industry in order to secure a business model for t ...
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IBM Brings Anaconda Open Data Science Platform to IBM Cognitive Systems

  IBM announced today that it is working with Continuum Analytics to offer Anaconda, a leading Open Data Science platform, on IBM Cognitive Sy ...
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Government uses big data to predict traffic

  Traffic in Korea is notoriously horrid in the days leading up to Lunar New Year, when millions of Koreans hit the road to visit family and a ...
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Hyundai Motor Opens Big Data Center in Guizhou, China

  Hyundai Motor has announced plans to build a hub for ‘big data’ at the Guian New Area – China’s national epicenter for big data. Starting op ...
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