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Idea Challeng “Big Data Analytics and IoT in Healthcare: The Future Medicine 2017”
August 4, 2017 News


The “Big Data Analytics And IoT In Healthcare: The Future Of Medicine 2017” idea challenge was held in UKM Medical Center (PPUKM) yesterday. The ideas channeled will be used to further improve medical services through data gathered. As many as 12 ideas have been presented for the Idea Challenge where the jury panel who are experts in Big Data and IoT, will decide the 3 top ideas. Winners will take home cash prizes worth RM2000, RM1000 and RM500 respectively through the sponsorship of the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), to be used to further grow those ideas into the next phase of development.

Prof. Dr. Zaleha, Dean of Faculty of Medicine & Director of UKM Medical Center

Prof. Dr. Zaleha mentioned, “The Idea Challenge is a platform for anyone related to the medical industry to share their ideas to help themselves and their organizations to be more productive,” she said, hoping this platform can interest venture capitalists to further fund the projects for development. Dr. Zaleha is also one of the participants in the Idea Challenge competition.

“Big data has improved most industries. For example, in retail, Lazada is one of the biggest retail organizations who know what their customer’s interest are and how often they buy from them” said Prof. Dr. Saperi. “In healthcare, Big Data Analytics may help a doctor to monitor the patients trend and disease patterns. Lots of data can be collected from the patients from the day they register until they are discharge.” he added.

Prof.Dr. Saperi

“Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Cloud and IoT are playing an important role in the Industrial Revoultion 4.0” said Puan Yaszrina, Manager of ASEAN Data Analytics Exchange (ADAX)/ Data Architect. She also highlighted a few ways AI, Big Data and IoT are able to create value from data which is important to get useful data sets.

Miss Azreena, Head of Programs and Partnerships (Data Economy) at MDEC mentioned there were 3709 unemployed medical graduates in 2016 according to research done by TalentCorp. It has increased by 32.6% compared to 2015. With Idea Challenge, medical graduates can use this as a platform for them to share their ideas, launching their own startups and at the same time, help the medical services improve quality for their patients.

Azreena and Yuszrizan

Participants start the presentation

First Prize Winner. Project Title: Medical Pizza Delivery System For Diabetes Type II Follow Up

Second Prize Winner. Project Title: The Digital Laryngology Data System

Third Prize Winner.Project Title: FIT CPR Apps