IGEN Analytics training camp

October 31, 2022 0 Comments

IGEN Analytics is a globally recognized data analytics firm. They have been helping clients succeed for over 16 years.

IGEN Analytics recently held its first ever training camp to help its client companies gain insights from the data they collect in their day-to-day operations. The IGEN team brought in experts from different industry verticals to teach the attendees and share their insights in a fun environment.

IGEN Analytics is a learning company that offers training to its employees. They were looking for a way to accelerate their talent development and increase the retention rate of their talent.

IGEN Analytics decided to take a risk and organize an 8-week training camp that would provide staff members with hands-on experiences from different industries.

The camp was attended by 6 participants who received free accommodations, access to the instructors, and educational materials that would further develop their skills in analytics. The result: 100% of the participants were retained by IGEN Analytics after the camp ended according to IGEN’s CEO.

IGEN Analytics will be conducting a two-month training camp for data science and business analysts.

The camp is slated for 8 to 12 aspiring analysts who want to learn data science skills. This experience will grant them with the opportunity to work on real-world problems, build their knowledge and career, and explore career opportunities within the company.

The IGEN-Analytics training camp was held over four days from October 17th to October 20th. The fourth day was the final day of content where IGEN-Analytics had an exclusive presentation with a live Q&A session.

This conference had more than 200 attendees, and speakers like Dr. Peter Disher, Joe Cannan and Dr. Scott Turner were honored to be a part of the event

IGEN-Analytics is a company that specializes in AI solutions for market intelligence and customer insights. They talked about some of their current products while they also discussed the future of their business and industry at the conference

IGEN Analytics is a training camp for aspiring data scientists and analytics professionals to learn the basics of data science using Python. The camp offers a training program which includes lectures, hands-on tutorials, programming sessions and more.

The IGEN Analytics team hosted its first open enrollment Data Science Training Camp in Sydney during May 2018. This type of events is aimed at giving developers the opportunity to learn about various machine learning techniques like deep neural networks and recommendation engines by working on real world problems.

The Data Science Training Camp was held over three days from May 16 – 18 at the IGEN HQ in North Sydney. This camp was focused on teaching people how to use Python while focusing on algorithm design, implementation and optimization through hands-on exercises with tools like Keras and Pandas.

IGEN Analytics is a company that provides data analytics solutions to industries like automotive, logistics, and healthcare. The Global AI Blockchain Investment Summit will be held on 10-11 November at IGEN’s headquarters in North America.

The IGEN Analytics team is hosting a training camp for the Global AI Blockchain Investment Summit on 10-11 November at their North American headquarters.