Tableau On Tour 2016 conference – Singapore

October 31, 2022 0 Comments

The Tableau On Tour 2016 conference in Singapore wrapped up, and what an event it was! This electrifying conference brought together data enthusiasts from all walks of life to share knowledge, best practices, and innovations in the ever-evolving world of data visualization.

To kick off the conference, Adam Selipsky (Tableau’s new CEO) shared his vision for the future of Tableau, which looks brighter than ever. With a focus on becoming an end-to-end data analytics platform and enhancements in connectivity, data preparation, governance, and mobility, Tableau is well on its way to becoming an indispensable tool within organizations.

As data becomes increasingly important, understanding and communicating insights effectively is paramount. The speakers and sessions presented throughout the conference captured this essence and provided participants with unique perspectives on how to leverage the power of Tableau. Here are some key takeaways from the event:

1. Storytelling with Data
One of the primary reasons people gravitate towards Tableau is its ability to visually tell stories with data. Learn how to effectively use color, design elements, and interactivity to create engaging dashboards that drive insights. Utilize visual best practices to help users digest complex information quickly and present context for better understanding.

2. Collaborating & Scaling Analytics
Tableau promotes collaboration by encouraging users to create and share their visualizations across teams. By breaking down silos within organizations, more people can access valuable information that helps drive decision-making. Explore a variety of use cases and techniques for incorporating Tableau Server into your organization’s workflow.

3. The Power of Embedded Analytics

Embedding interactive Tableau dashboards directly into applications can unlock significant value for businesses by bringing powerful analytics directly to users’ fingertips. Discuss various approaches to integrate Tableau dashboards into applications, such as customizing web portals or building customer-facing analytic tools.

4. Expanding Your Data Sources & Connections
As your organization collects an increasing amount of data, connecting to relevant sources becomes crucial for driving meaningful insights. Learn about new developments in data integration and explore various ways that Tableau allows you to connect seamlessly with different data sources.

5. Next-level Performance Tuning

With growing datasets come added complexities that may cause lagging performance issues in visualizations. Master the art of fine-tuning your tableau workbooks for optimal dashboard speed by learning about relevant tips and tricks from experts at the conference.

6. Data Governance & Security

Ensure your organization’s information stays secure with advanced data governance strategies shared by industry professionals at the event. Implement tools such as row-level security or user filtering within Tableau Server to keep sensitive information protected while still providing access for those who need it.

In addition to these informative sessions, hands-on training workshops were held throughout the conference for attendees looking to sharpen their skills further.

Overall, this year’s Tableau On Tour conference in Singapore proved once again that there will be no slowing down when it comes to advances in data visualization tools and techniques. As we move towards more enhanced features driven by artificial Intelligence (AI) components such as natural language processing (NLP) integration or integration with other sophisticated reporting tools like R-Shiny or D3.js, Singapore certainly looks set to establish itself as a major player competing head-to-head with other global markets adopting these frontier technologies.

Thank you, Singapore, for hosting a fantastic event! We can’t wait until next year’s Tables On Tour conference rolls around—here’s to continued growth in this dynamic community!